Garden Center

Trust us when we say you have to stop by our Garden Center.  We provide the following:

  • Mulch
    • Natural (not dyed)
    • Premium Bark
    • Hem
    • Black
  • Stone
    • Limestone
      • 2A Modified
      • 2RC
      • 2B
    • Riverstone
      • Small (golf ball sized)
      • Medium (tennis ball sized)
      • Pea Gravel (dime size)
    • Colored Stone
      • Barn red stone (plum colored)
  • Topsoil
    • Screen topsoil
    • Mushroom soil
  • Sand
    • Limestone screenings
    • Brown sandstone sand

All of our plants are Northern grown, they are all from either nurseries from Pennsylvania or Ohio so they are hardy for our area and climate.