Landscaping Services

Landscaping is an investment in your property for years to come.  You want to trust that investment that is being spent on to a professional, well-qualified, established company.  Choosing Lanager’s Landscaping with the help of Chris Lanager who has a Bachelor Degree in Horticulture from Penn State University assures you complete dedication to the goal of achieving a quality job that fits your budget.

Some of our Landscaping Services:

  • Landscape Design
    • Ornamental Trees and shrubs can add a variety of color and texture to balance the overall design of your landscape.
    • The selection of plants, shrubs, and trees must be able to thrive in our climate and be the right size choice for the desired location.
    • We take the guess work out of the decisions and give you fresh new ideas to get the landscape design you want.
    • We offer cost-effective solutions to fit your desire for a beautfiul landscape that fits your budget.
  • Installation
    • Our installations are done by trained employees who know proper planting techniques along with fertilizing the newly installed shrubs.
    • We put down a landscape fabric that acts as a weed barrier between the ground and the mulch or stone of choice.
    • We use only the highest quality products including northern-grown plants, shrubs, and trees along mulch and stone products to give that professional-finished look.
    • You can achive your property’s full potential by utilizing our professional equipment and expertise.
  • Mulching
  • Edging
  • Trimming/Pruning
  • Irrigation
    • Proper watering can help encourage your landscape shrubs as well as your lawn to survive the dry months of the year.
    • Watering systems that are properally installed can save time by automatically turning on or off without you tending to them.
    • Irrigation can also be easy to manage and control using the newest technology and products available.
  • Lighting
    • A beautiful home and landscape should be visible even at night.  This is where landscape lighting is essential.
    • Let us help you accent not only the beauty of your home at night, but also offer safety with lighting of pathways and entryways.
    • Outdoor lighting also increases the functionality of outdoor living spaces.
    • Professionally installed lighting will definitely enhance the visual appeal of the landscape you love.
  • Ponds & Water features
    • Small ponds and water features can make your landscape unique and different.
    • They provide a gorgeous back drop for entertainment areas or just as a focal point in the landscape design.
    • The healing and health benefits of water features have been around for centuries.
    • Not only can a water feature be visually pleasing, but the sound of a waterfall while you are enjoying the outdoors in your landscape is breathtaking.