Hardscaping Services

The most expensive hardscape project is the one you have to build twice.  Professional installation by a trained contractor will provide you with a finished project that will last.  Lanager’s offers superior service and workmanship on all projects big or small.

  • Retaining Wall Systems
    • Proper installation begins with a carefully constructed base.  The prep work must be perfect for the wall to last.  It begins with a compacted stone base for drainage followed by placement of perforated pipe with limestone backfill.  Geogrid reinforcement is used to ensure that wall stays in place.
    • Only top choice landscape materials are used for wall construction.  Some of the companies we used are Techo Block, Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, and Lampus products.
    • Retaining walls can be either functional or cosmetic.  Whatever the use, you want it to stand the test of time.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
    • How about an outdoor kitchen or fire pit?  What about outdoor entertainment areas & patios?  If these are things you have dreamed about having, call Lanager’s.  We have made these dreams come true for many customers.  The design and functionality are very personal to each client and we would love to work with you to turn your dream of an outdoor living space into reality.
  • Paver Sidewalks & Patios
    • Pavers or bricks have so many advantages over concrete.  Pavers will not crack.  Repairs to an area or two is easy with removal & replacement of only one or a few pieces.  The base is flat so the finished product is flat.  Pavers are stronger than concrete and should never settle or sink because pavers are built to last.
    • The design possibilities with pavers are endless.  From pavers that look like wood planks to pavers that look like cobblestone, you are sure to find something that fits your taste.