Lanager’s 4-Step Fertilization Schedule

Here is our own 4-Step Fertilization Schedule for Lawns:

  1. Late March/Early April
    • We apply a crabgrass control which inhibits weed seeds.  The application also contains high nitrogen content for green-up and recovery from winter stress.
  2. Late April/Early May
    • We apply a balanced fertilizer to promote healthy green growth with a weed controller for broad-leaf weeds.
  3. Late May/Early June
    • We apply a granular fertilizer with grub control.  This application also feeds the lawn to help prevent heat damage.  Watering or natural rain is beneficial to activate the grub control ingredients.
  4. September/October
    • We apply a granular fertilizer to help recover the lawn from the stresses of summer and provide slow releasing nutrients to the lawn for the winter

Along with the above schedule of lawn treatments we also offer a spot spray service for particular areas of unwanted weeds.  Another treatment is for lime applications as necessary dependent upon a pH test of the lawn.