Lawn Installation & Maintenance Services

Whether your needs are for a new lush green lawn installation or a renovation of an existing lawn, Lanager’s can deliver.  Expert lawn care helps prevent issues concerning weeds and insects before it becomes a harmful problem.


  • Hydroseeding
    • The area to be seeded is prepped with the correct depth of screened topsoil and leveled to promote correct runoff and grading.
    • The area is then fine raked via manual raking or use of a rock-hound to spread the dirt evenly and removing any rocks.
    • Next a mixture containing seed, hydromulch, fertilizer, and a bonding agent is sprayed directly into the ground using a Hydroseeder.
    • This process promotes quick germination and fights soil erosion.  It also eliminates the need for straw that blows around and eventually needs to be raked off once the grass begins to grow.
    • The hydromulch keeps the soil moist along with a tackifier to reduce wash-outs.
  • Sod Application
    • The area must be prepared to the correct depth of screened topsoil and leveled before sod can be placed.
    • The sod comes in rolls and is actually laid into place manually.  Instant green beauty.
    • The drawbacks are that sod is more expensive than conventional or hydroseeding.  It requires a lot of watering.  The roots are short and sometimes experiences shock, but once established it can be gratifying.
  • Conventional Seeding
    • As with all lawn installations, the area must be spread with topsoil and raked or rock-hounded for proper grading and removal of rocks.
    • Next, fertilizer is put down to assure proper nutrients in the new soil.
    • Then, seed is spread through either by hand spreader or walk-behind spreader.
    • Finally, straw must be spread by hand or by the use of a straw blower to cover and protect the seeds.
    • A lot of watering is required until the seeds germinates.  Once the grass is established, the straw must be gently raked out and removed.


  • Mowing
    • When most people talk about their lawns, the most common thought is mowing, mowing, mowing!  The job that never ends! We know your busy, so let us do the moving for you so you can spend more time doing what you like to do.
    • We can mow weekly or as necessary due to weather conditions.
    • We operate a commercial line of mowers and equipment that can get the job done in a timely and professional-looking manner.
    • Regular maintenance on such things as blade sharpening and height adjustments make such a difference.
    • We also provide the services of weed-eating and blowing-off sidewalks and driveways.  This attention to detail is what makes the mowing job look professional.
  • Fertilizing
    • Continued education through the PA Department of Agriculture keeps us up to date with the most advanced techniques of lawn fertilization applications.  Not to mention, it keeps us compliant with Pennsylvania state regulations.  We are licensed through the PA Department of Agriculture for Lawn/Turf Applications.  Our PA Business License number is BU5252.
    • We offer a lawn fertilization program to help your well established lawn look lush and green without weeds.
    • We also offer tick and grub control as part of the lawn fertilization process as required.
    • Every lawn has different needs.  Let us design a program tailored to fit your specific requirements.
    • Only the highest quality contractor A-rated lawn products are used.
    • See our 4-Step Fertilization Schedule for Lawns.
  • Spring and Fall Clean up
    • Whether your lawn and landscape beds need prepped and ready for spring and summer or a final clean-up before fall and winter, Lanager’s can help.
    • Spring clean-ups include removal of winter debris and pruning of winter damage to trees and shrubs.  We can add mulch, edge beds, put down a pre-emergent weed control, and fertilize the plantings.
    • Fall clean-ups include leaf raking and removal, cutting back of perennials, and winterization of shrubs and trees as necessary.
  • Shrubbery Bed Renovation
    • A well-manicured landscape bed starts with a professional edge.  We can edge along a sidewalk, planting bed, or driveway.  The line created by professional edging leaves a smooth and manicured boundary between the mulch or stone bed and the lawn areas.
    • Next, a fresh coat of mulch sets the stage for beauty.  We use a premium quality much.  It is your choice of natural or dyed rich colored mulch.  Mulching helps keep the weeds down while keeping moisture around your plantings.  Upon request, we will also apply a product to provide pre-emergent control of weeds in the landscpe bed prior to spreading new mulch.
  • Trimming and Pruning
    • Proper trimming of shrubs and small trees removes excess growth and helps maintain the natural form.
    • Timing of trimming shrubs and small trees are critical.  Trimming should be only done once a new growth is completely formed and flowering shrubs and trees should be only trimmed after bloom time ends.
    • Although trimming keeps your landscape beds looking well-maintained, a trim job by anyone other than a professional can also lead to damage or even be disastrous to shrubs and small trees.


  • Aeration
    • Aeration opens up the turf to “breathe”, and removing the cores help break down the thatch, which constricts grass root access to nutrients and water.  This will also relieve compaction which are spots in the yard that don’t have grass growing from them or water draining from them.
    • Aeration is a professional service offered by Lanager’s Landscape & Lawn care.  We use professional-grade equipment and trained knowledgeable labor aerate to the right line depth required for beautiful lawn.  Fertilizer applications throughout the year will be more effective as well.  Together, a lawn fertilization program along with core aeration increases the value of both services.
    • Although aeration does not provide a next-day solution, customer will see noticeable improvement in their turf.  For most yards, the service is only necessary once in the spring and once in the fall.  With aeration, we can over-seed the lawn to provide extra growth to produce a healthier lawn.
  • De-Thatching
    • Thatch is a layer of material composed of roots, leaves, and grass clippings.  It is beneficial to your lawn in moderation, but if it gets too thick it can prevent nutrients such as water and fertilizer from reaching the roots of the grass.
    • A de-thatching machine has blades which “comb” the thickened layer of thatch from the grass to the surface where it is hand raked off the lawn and disposed.
    • It is best to de-thatch in the spring to remove the dead grass clippings left from the previous season and the matting caused by the winter elements.  It will help provide the best start to a new season and will assist in eliminating the bare spots and fungus issues caused by trapped moisture.
    • This is a good time to over-seed the grass with a light coating of mushroom dirt and premium grass seed to promote a heathly lush lawn.
  • Over-seeding

We are licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture for Lawn/Turf Applications.  Our PA Business license number is BU5252